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Frequently Asked Questions

Both incoming and outgoing trades can be cancelled at any time.  The VaultSwap platform fee will be refunded, if applicable.  Please note that you will need to pay gas for the cancellation.

At launch, VaultSwap will support ~2,000 of the top volume collections that are verified on OpenSea.  You may request additional collections to be added to the support list.  In the future, we look to create a more automated way to verify and support new collections rapidly.

At launch, VaultSwap will support Ether, and the top 100 ERC-20 Tokens by market cap.  We will be adding additional support over time.

Currently VaultSwap is only supported for desktop use but a mobile friendly version will be released in the near future.

The last thing you need is to join yet another discord. we decided to take a different route and created a Twitter Community, click here to join. But, if you absolutely must, we do have a Discord that you can reach us in.

We love feature requests and feedback.  You can reach out on Twitter or via our Twitter Community.  Or shoot us a note using our form below ⏬.

👋 Stuart and Austin are heading up this project, but we have a team that spans the globe from US, Mexico, Ukraine, India, and growing.

Trades will be free during our initial launch.  We don’t have the exact date yet, but we have some great plans for how to bring our early users along for the ride! Stay tuned.

The current VaultSwap contract is forked from the one by NFT Trader.  That contract went through several audits and peer reviews.  Nonetheless, we identified a few security flaws during our own audits and peer reviews.  We will be publishing details on additional testing, auditing, and reviewing shortly. 

In the meantime, feel free to review it on Etherscan.

We will normally reply within 24 hours